Another book by Kathleen Eagle

I finished up the latest audio book project, Kathleen Eagle’s “The Last Good Man”. of course and I spoke the last few lines of the book I began to get teary eyed. I love her writing style. It challenges me to speak the words as poetically as she writes them. Love her books. The book should be available soon on audible, amazon & iTunes. Keep your eyes peeled

Another book done!

Another book wrapped up today, sent to QC for final check. While listening to the final product I am realized how nice my voice sounds. I am proud of the work I have done and look forward to the next few books! And to think last year I had just found the service, and was contemplating what to do next in life. As I wandered thru the old streets in Europe, gazing upon the creations by the great artists of all time, I pondered, what was my offering? 6 books later I am thrilled to have finally realized this old dream. I’ve been doing voice work for years, but to be a Narrator is a new thrill. I get to play characters I’ve never dreamed of, yet somehow feel familiar. As if that wasn’t enough I’ve been working on a short story of my own to record, a glimpse of the darker sides of Me. *evil grin* can’t wait!!

Back in the studio

I couldn’t help myself I had to get back to recording the audio book for Kathleen, great book, great characters. Something about recording lifts my soul, makes my voice sing! *smile*

Certified power searcher!!

Totally off topic of Audio books, but I did a class @ Google on Power Searching. I got the email that I passed and got the Certificate of being a power searching! WOOT! another good thing for the day!

Filled up

It’s official. I have enough audio book projects to keep me busy until April 2013. When I will be taking off for a long trip. Thank you ALL for your offers for audio book projects.

Win a copy of You Never Can Tell

The publisher & Author are giving away this GREAT BOOK: Click to find out how you could get your copy of an autographed book!


I should know better by now. Ask for work and thee shall receive! in spades!. I think I just locked myself up till the end of the year! YIKES!

Looking for new books!

Now that all the audio books are recorded, I am looking for new books to audition for. If you are interested in my voice and made it thus far, please contact me via ACX to ask me to audition for your book! you never know, we could be a perfect match! Hope to hear from you soon!

The End

The end of book Three was read just a few moments ago. I can’t believe I recorded this book so darned fast! The characters would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! Even in my sleep I could hear/sense them.

While the raw vocal tracks are done, there is alot of editing that needs to be done to the raw file. Tomorrow I disconnect for a few days to enjoy real life festivities. Now I begin looking at book 4 & 5 which are on the horizon as well!

Second Book is in the CAN!

wow, as I listened to the end of this second book I was a little sad.  I had gotten to know all these characters so well!  I had really come to enjoy their humor and even found myself picking it..  After spending alot of time in the studio back to back, I am finally done.  Now I can ship it off to the producer for final approval.  Now I get to take off and get lost in the woods & a new book!  I am very excited to free my mind and adopt some new characters to play for a while.  This summer looks very promising!