Another book done!

Another book wrapped up today, sent to QC for final check. While listening to the final product I am realized how nice my voice sounds. I am proud of the work I have done and look forward to the next few books! And to think last year I had just found the service, and was contemplating what to do next in life. As I wandered thru the old streets in Europe, gazing upon the creations by the great artists of all time, I pondered, what was my offering? 6 books later I am thrilled to have finally realized this old dream. I’ve been doing voice work for years, but to be a Narrator is a new thrill. I get to play characters I’ve never dreamed of, yet somehow feel familiar. As if that wasn’t enough I’ve been working on a short story of my own to record, a glimpse of the darker sides of Me. *evil grin* can’t wait!!

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