Looking for new books!

Now that all the audio books are recorded, I am looking for new books to audition for. If you are interested in my voice and made it thus far, please contact me via ACX to ask me to audition for your book! you never know, we could be a perfect match! Hope to hear from you soon!

The End

The end of book Three was read just a few moments ago. I can’t believe I recorded this book so darned fast! The characters would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! Even in my sleep I could hear/sense them.

While the raw vocal tracks are done, there is alot of editing that needs to be done to the raw file. Tomorrow I disconnect for a few days to enjoy real life festivities. Now I begin looking at book 4 & 5 which are on the horizon as well!

Second Book is in the CAN!

wow, as I listened to the end of this second book I was a little sad.  I had gotten to know all these characters so well!  I had really come to enjoy their humor and even found myself picking it..  After spending alot of time in the studio back to back, I am finally done.  Now I can ship it off to the producer for final approval.  Now I get to take off and get lost in the woods & a new book!  I am very excited to free my mind and adopt some new characters to play for a while.  This summer looks very promising!

Wrapping up Book #2

I’ve been quite lately because I’ve been in the push to get the last chapters of the last book done before Mid May. I am thrilled because once that is done. I have another offer for another author! I was not even looking or responding to emails for auditions requests. But something about this book intrigued me. I can’t wait to get into it. I just know I am going to love reading it and then recording it! Wish me luck.

Almost done!

I have recorded over 85% of the book now.  As I listen thru the ‘masterpiece’  I reflect on both the storytelling and the words that the wonderful author wrote.  I can’t wait to finish the book had hand it over to the next step!  Once I get done with this one I’ll have another book to start on!  Exciting stuff!

Halfway done!

This audio book has completely consumed my life! (Happily so, I might add). I am halfway thru the book and I must admit, it sounds stellar! Can’t wait to finish it up. *smile*

So far so great!

I am midway thru my first book and I am enjoying it immensely. It is alot of work, but when I am done, even I ADMIT it sounds GOOD!!! Really Good! I think I am addicted! I should deliver all my books on time if not earlier then contracted to have them complete! They say it’s not considered “work” if you enjoy what you do. I am so blessed

Audio Book Projects!

I finally got the manuscript for the book I agreed to record.  At first I wasn’t sure where the author was going, but now as I am several chapters into the book I am getting more and more excited about recording it!  The book is well written and I can’t wait to get into the studio to get started!  I suspect I’ll work quickly now that I have the layout of the start of the book!  I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this juicy book!   Wish me luck :)

Audio Book!

I have agreed to produce an audio book for Kathleen Eagle.  I am very excited about this new opportunity and hope to complete the project swiftly!  Wish me luck!